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Darren Chow is a full time writer, web developer, and Internet marketer. He graduated from the National University of Singapore and started dabbling in web design while still studying. Today, he spends his time writing for established websites and promoting websites for clients.
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A couple of days ago, after I sent out an email celebrating our half a million page views milestone, I received a really weird email message the next day.

The message said, “Everyone knows that article marketing is dead.”

I say this is a weird comment because obviously, everything is pointing in the opposite direction – the page views are increasing, and the clicks are rocketing.

So how come this individual claims that article marketing is dead?

From my own experiences, article marketing traffic and search traffic traffic ranks right at the top in terms of quality. In other words, these two traffic sources hold the highest conversion rates.

After reading the comment, I remembered that I once read a similar comment in Digitalpoint (a webmaster forum), claiming that Adsense is dead.

As we all know, Adsense is NOT dead, and still very much kicking and alive. Whathappened was that the game has changed and those who were able to adapt continued to make big money. And those who didn’t bother to cope with the changes went the way of the dinosaur – they simply gave up.

Now here is a trap that I want to warn you about.

On the Internet, things DO change, and they sometimes change pretty fast. The important thing is to recognize these changes and then adapt as quickly as you can.

Since we are talking about article marketing, let’s use article marketing as an example for further discussion.

Article marketing, obviously, is not dead. But for sure, the game has changed. Article marketing now is quite different from article marketing five years back. So what has changed?

1) Huge influx of articles. – Due to the effectiveness of article marketing, more and more people are jumping on the band wagon. A handful of articles used to work quite well five years ago (a handful is about 50 articles). But today, you barely get enough impressions with just 50 articles. The article marketing game has evolved. The search engine results are becoming more and more saturated. Instead of just 50 articles, marketers need hundreds or even thousands of articles to succeed. Today, it seems that only the giants (those with thousands of articles in their accounts) are making big profits. Everyone is playing the numbers game, and this has contributed to…

2) Decline in quality. – As every marketer tries to increase their traffic with more articles, the quality of these articles starts to decline. Many marketers started hiring ghost writers who are non-native English speakers but who charge low rates for their services to churn out hundreds and thousands of articles. It’s only a matter of time that…

3) The search engines step in. – The search engines realized that the search experience can be adversely affected by the large number of low quality articles that are being published all over the Internet. So they quickly tweaked their algorithm to detect duplicate content. Today, search engines still continue to reward original content that is of high quality. Even article directories like Ezinearticles started to pull their socks up and tightened their quality guidelines.

With these changes happening to article marketing, how can you continue to make article marketing work for you?

You will require two important qualities:

1) Consistency and persistence. – The majority of article marketers simply give up as they simply cannot keep up with the game. So they switch to some other traffic sources. That leaves more money on the table for you and me. You can take advantage of the situation by being even more consistent and persistent in your article marketing efforts. Continue playing the numbers game and get your article count up. At the same time, pay attention to…

2) Quality. – Quality has always been an important factor. But as article marketing continues to evolve, only those who can continue to deliver high quality content will continue to profit. Do not underestimate the importance and power of this factor. It’s one thing to talk about quality, but it’s another to be able to DELIVER quality. Most people just talk about quality but they can’t deliver. Somehow, they find it too hard to create quality content on a consistent basis. So let this be your secret weapon. If you can create high quality content CONSISTENTLY, you are head and shoulders above your competitors.

Moving forward, we understood the vital role that quality has to play in our clients’ success. So like everyone else, we are also tightening our quality guidelines. During the past few months, we had to let some of our old writers go (due to quality issues) and had to work hard to hire new writers – writers who can deliver high quality work. It’s much harder to find and hire such people but I think at the end of the day, our efforts will pay off. When clients make money, they are happy, and we are happy. Everyone wins.

So what to do with those naysayers who claim that everything is dead?

“Adsense is dead.”

“Article marketing is dead.”

“CPA is dead.”

“Clickbank is dead.”

“PPC is dead.”

Everything dead.

And for every item that is dead, there is a success story at the other end. Someone else is able to adapt and make an absolute killing on the Internet.

Someone is making huge money with Adsense right now.

Someone is making big money with CPA now.

PPC is still working very well for those who know the rules of the game.

Clickbank is still generating millions in sales and the money must be going into some lucky chap’s pockets.

And of course, I personally know of marketers who are making five figures monthly from their article marketing efforts.

So my suggestion is to leave the naysayers alone and disassociate yourself with them. They bring with them negative energies that may not do you good.

Be a smart and discerning marketer. If you come across similar comments like “this-and-this is dead”, just shake your head and then go back to work.

You know better.



Darren Chow

P.S. By the way, if you have worked with your own freelance writers, you know that managing them is not easy. All sorts of problems arise. The most common excuse is that their Internet connection is affected due to some storm or lightning. It appears that lightning has a weird sense of humor – choosing to strike at the writer’s router just before an assignment is due.

Here is an email I wrote to one of my writers. It’s an interesting read and perhaps, some lessons can be gleaned from it.

Look [writer],

This thing about your financial issue keeps coming up.
My advice for you is this. Stop thinking about your financial problems and start focusing on helping your clients
to succeed. By the way, when I said clients, I don’t mean me. I mean those business owners and companies that you
are writing the articles for. Those articles are for them, not for me. And if they expect to see their articles in their inbox
within 24 hours, then we have to give them what they want.

Trust me, I’ve been there before…financial problems and all. When I first started my business, I didn’t have any writers
and I had to write ALL the content on my own. That works out to be about 20+ articles a day. So I know realistically how
many articles a writer can handle a day.

To be able to handle over 20 articles daily for the long term…in my opinion, isn’t being realistic unless you are a super fast typer.
I can almost guarantee that you will experience burn out. The reason why you are so adamant about writing 20 articles per day is
because of your financial problems, which you can’t stop thinking about.

The end result is that you experience burn out, and your work slips. And this affects your future income.

You deliver good work, and I hope you can get yourself out of this rut by focusing more on serving your current clients well.
If you can do that, more good things will eventually come…higher paid jobs, referrals, more assignments, etc…And you will
surely stop feeling like a weed.

It’s simple really. My top writer has been with me close to 2 years now and he has delivered over 1k articles.

He checks his account daily and allocates a writing time slot just for us – be it an hour or two. That time is for us and no one else.
If he finds that he can’t handle the workload (like you, he has other clients), he simply writes to me and let me know he has time
constrains or some other commitments and can’t finish the articles on time. I then let him know if he should continue completing
the articles or not. If articles are urgent, they will be assigned to someone else.

And we have been working well in this manner for the past 2 years. That’s professionalism.

I can re-create your account on condition that you PROMISE you are not going to let your clients down again.

Darren Chow