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Darren Chow is a full time writer, web developer, and Internet marketer. He graduated from the National University of Singapore and started dabbling in web design while still studying. Today, he spends his time writing for established websites and promoting websites for clients.
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Before going into the details for the brand new video production and uploading service, I’d like to take a quick moment to inform you about adding your author name in Ezinearticles.

Update 1: Adding of author name in Ezinearticles.

If you would like your name to appear as the author for your articles in Ezinearticles, then I have good news for you. We initially started the article submission service with my own Ezinearticles Platinum account.

When you add your name in the author resource box (premium articles only), you’ll notice that those articles will automatically be submitted under your own name in Ezinearticles. That is because we are allowed to create alternate author names from our account. Ezinearticles require all articles to have matching names – i.e. the name in the author resource box must match the author’s name.

However, due to the growing popularity of the service, we have hit the limit that was set by Ezinearticles for creating alternate author names. Each account allows only 50 or so alternate names.

To overcome this problem, we have created another account with Ezinearticles, and we’re happy to announce that the new account has recently been granted Platinum status as well. That means we are allowed to add additional author names.

So if you wish to have the articles under your name, now is the time to claim it.

But since there is a limit to the number of author names in each account, we would like to ensure that only those who submit Premium articles on a regular basis gets an author name in Ezinearticles.

To qualify, you must have purchased at least 10 Premium articles. If you don’t have 10 premium articles yet, you can purchase 10 premium credits to qualify.

To claim your author name, please use the contact form to submit the following info.

* Your login email address. (We will check your account to see if you qualify.)

* Your desired author name. E.g. “Thomas T Smith”

Once we ascertain that you submit premium articles on a regular basis, we will add your name to our Platinum Ezinearticles account. Any future articles that you submit will now be under your own author name. Be sure to add the name in the author resource box for all Premium articles.

Update 2: Video Production and Uploading Service – Launch Details.

In the recent post on video marketing, I mentioned that the video production and uploading service will be released this week. I also mentioned that the first 5 clients who sign up for this service will enjoy special benefits. Here are the details.

1) There are 2 types of credits that is available for purchase.

* Without script creation (VD Credits) – Cost $200

* With script creation (VS Credits) – Cost $250

2) Special pricing for the launch.

* Without script creation (VD Credits) – Cost $100 (Save $100!)

* With script creation (VS Credits) – Cost $150 (Save $100!)

3) Only the first 5 customers will enjoy this special pricing.

(Note: 1 is already reserved, so only 4 left).

If you need more info, you can visit the website: Video Uploading Service.

To book your spot, use this contact form and send us the following info:

1) Subject header: Special video pricing.

2) Desired login email and password.

We will then create an account for you and send you payment details. Once payment has been made, we’ll guide you through the video production process.

Thank you for your support.