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Darren Chow is a full time writer, web developer, and Internet marketer. He graduated from the National University of Singapore and started dabbling in web design while still studying. Today, he spends his time writing for established websites and promoting websites for clients.
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It’s rare that I start a blog post with a blog title that contains zero keywords about article submission and Internet marketing.

You may not be familiar with the “red packet” that you see in the title. Well, let me explain.

Tomorrow is the New Year of the Lunar Calendar. In other words, according to the Chinese Calendar, tomorrow is the first day of the New Year. And all Chinese around the world celebrate this special occasion. If you happen to find yourself in a Chinese setting in the next 2 days, I’m sure you will enjoy the festive cheer – it’s infectious!

During the New Year, it is Chinese custom to give away red packets. The red packets (also known as “ang bao” in Chinese) are meant to symbolize wealth and prosperity. Married couples are supposed to give away red packets to those who are still single – mostly children, teenagers, and young adults.

When someone receives a red packet, he or she is usually delighted. There are two reasons for this. Of course, anyone would be happy to be blessed with wealth and prosperity by someone else. But there is another reason – the red packets contain cash!

The amount of cash in each red packet is not as significant as the thought and intention that goes behind giving the giver. If you are in the privileged position to give away red packets, the amount of cash in the packet may range from $2 to $100. Obviously, you want to give larger amounts to those who are special to you.

For those who are in financial hardship, any amount will do.

Actually, I think that the recipient of the red packet shouldn’t focus too much on how much cash is in the packet. Reason being, all “ang baos” contain an infinite amount of money.

How can that possibly be true?

Well, I’m going to show you.

Today, regardless of whether you are Chinese or not, or whether you are from the States, the UK, Canada, India, etc…I’m going to give you a big virtual “ang bao”. Wealth and prosperity is for everyone.

Here it is.

Okay, this red packet looks a little small. But don’t underestimate the size of the packet. Do you know how much cash this red packet contains?


Yes, it’s true. I’m going to show you why this is true in a moment.

But before we get to the good stuff, let’s get some quick updates out of the way.

A few weeks ago, I invited a few people to try out the blog commenting service that I was developing. Everything turned out well, and here are some of the results.

Niche: Health/Medical – Approval Rate: 2 / 18 (11.11%)

Niche: Travel – Approval Rate: 7 / 18 (38.89%)

Niche: Home Improvement – Approval Rate: 8 / 21 (38.10%)

Niche: Travel (accommodation) – Approval Rate: 7 / 18 (38.89%)

Niche: Home Improvement – Approval Rate: 5 / 18 (27.78%)

The results are pretty encouraging. So I’m going to declare the service to be officially launched. If you are interested to learn more about how this works, you can check out the previous blog commenting test results, or visit the commenting service website directly.

Okay, I’m glad that we got that out of the way. Now, for the fun stuff.

As mentioned, I’m going to show you why this virtual “ang bao” that I gave to you contains infinite wealth.

First, you must understand how wealth creation works.

Take a look around you. Everything physical item that you see is a form of product. So how did these products come about? They didn’t just drop from the sky.

All physical items that you see around you right now, began as an idea in someone’s head. I’m sure you’ll agree with me on that. And this idea, when carried out, was turned into a physical product, which you bought, and that’s how the item landed right next to you.

Now what had that got to do with you getting rich? Well, in the process that I just described above, somebody did get rich. But that person is not you. You bought the product, which meant that you handed money to someone else. So the money landed somewhere, with someone else. Somebody did receive money for executing (I’ll discuss more about execution later on) in the process. This person (and those who took part in the various business transactions) all received money for their effort. They got richer.

I hope you are still paying attention here. The process that I’ve described sounded very simple. In fact, it sounded so simple that most people would dismiss it immediately as some “self improvement” or “get rich quick” mambo jumbo. If that happens, then I must say it’s rather unfortunate. You see, the process of wealth creation is supposed to be simple. Human beings make it complicated.

The process is so important, that I think I’m going to repeat it here.

Inspiration => Ideas => Execution => Physical manifestation of ideas => Wealth

If you understand this concept, then you will begin to see that wealth eluded many people because they get stuck somewhere along the process. Where? From my own observations, they get stuck in the IDEA stage.

I’m sure you yourself have been the recipient of tons of ideas, or you have met people with many ideas, but wealth still eluded them. How did that happen?

The fault doesn’t lie with ideas. It’s always a good thing to have ideas. Most people get stuck at the “execution” (the doing) phase. Or worse, some people never get to the execution phase. They have waves and waves of ideas coming to them and they do nothing about them.

Their favorite excuse? “Nah, it’s not going to work.”

That is another way of saying that they don’t believe their ideas will work. Somehow, they have managed to convince themselves that their ideas will fail,  even before they try. Sadly, they have indeed failed – they have failed themselves by not doing anything with their ideas.

Then there are those who dismiss ideas because they judge the ideas. When an idea comes to them, they tell themselves that it’s a bad idea, so that justifies not doing anything about the ideas.

For these people, the road to infinite wealth lies in transforming their current perspective of ideas. What they think they know about ideas have to change. How do we achieve that?

First, realize that there is no such thing as “good” and “bad” ideas. Good and bad are relative – they mean different things to different people. The assumption that the idea is bad can be erroneous in the first place. And that’s like giving an idea the death sentence.

So don’t go telling yourself an idea is good or an idea is bad. Ever encountered good ideas that turned out to be a not-so-good idea? Or ever experienced a bad idea that turned out to be a blessing in disguise? I’m sure that happened to everyone at some point. And it’s happening because we label ideas as “good” and “bad”.

To avoid this trap, we must first stop labeling our ideas as “good” or “bad”. Instead of thinking of whether ideas are good or bad, start thinking of whether the ideas work or don’t work.

In other words…

There are no good and bad ideas. There are only ideas that work and don’t work.

– Darren Chow

If you have given some thought about evolution, you know this to be true. Evolution just create, and the creations that work well in the environment continue to thrive. Evolution doesn’t “think” whether something is good or bad before creating. Only human beings do that.

As a human being, how do we know whether an idea will work or not work?

This depends on many factors. Knowledge, life experience, reasoning ability, analysis ability, all plays a part in arriving at the right conclusion.

The problem is, many people are having trouble identifying ideas that work! Why is that so? The answer is simple.

Very often, we don’t identify ideas that work because we place most (if not all) of our attention on ideas that don’t work.

– Darren Chow

How many times have you attended a meeting to discuss about things that don’t work? Then everyone is just trying to fix this and fix that.

My recommendation? Instead of running back and forth trying to fix everything, just focus on the things that do work, and then do it better!

You find that the more you execute, the more experience you have. The more experience you have, the better you become at identifying ideas that do work. Do you know what that means?

That means even if you have no clue about whether an idea is going to work or not, go DO SOMETHING about it!

Of course, you have to be smart about execution. For example, if you are unsure whether an idea will take off or not, it’s wiser to test small first instead of plonking down thousands of investment dollars in the project. Only those with an insatiable ego will do that. That’s the work of a fool, not an entrepreneur. So be wise about how you use your resources.

You can make an infinite amount of money just by focusing on what works. Amazing isn’t it?

Talking about infinite, do you now understand why you are born infinitely rich?

If you don’t, let me explain further. From the above, I hope you can now see that wealth comes from ideas. Then I pose you this question – Are ideas finite?

You know, within you, that you have an infinite number of ideas. The only resource that is finite is time. So the worse sin you can ever commit, is to waste your most valuable resource – TIME.

Want more money? Sure, no problem. Just complete the cycle by executing the ideas you have, and then focusing on what works.

Sounds simple? In words, everything is simple. But be mindful that you will encounter formidable challenges along the way. In fact, I guarantee you that the moment you start doing something about your ideas, some problem will come up to stop you.

Now what are you going to do about the problems you face?

At the most basic level, every challenge you face is a test of your faith. Do you waver under tough situations? Or do you steel your will and forge ahead? I certainly wish you choose to be the latter, for those with strong faith will have a higher chance of success.

Let me say this again – the road to wealth is not supposed to be that easy. If it is, then there is nothing separating the successful from the unsuccessful.

Do you realize what I have just given to you?

I have just given to you the key to unlock the riches that have been lying dormant within you. Yes, infinite wealth.

The “ang bao” that I had just given had to be a virtual one, for no physical red packet can hold the amount of wealth that you already own.

I hope you like this virtual “ang bao” that I had just given to you – nobody had ever done that before 🙂

After the lunar New Year, I have another new and exciting service that will help grow your business – video marketing. (Yes, it’s finally coming!)

I thought about developing this service for ages, but haven’t figured out how to overcome some of the challenges that stood in the way. Now I think I’ve got it. It’s going to be a 100% original service that is simple to use.

I’ve already done some tests during the past few weeks, and here is a video that I’ve created and posted on numerous popular video sites. It’s about how to format articles properly for higher approval rates. I’ve leave you to enjoy the video….

And of course, let me know what you think by leaving your feedback below. Eh, and no spam please…it’s Chinese New Year you know…


6 Responses to The Red Packet That Contains Infinite Wealth

  • Happy Chinese New Year Darren !

  • Happy Chinese New Year as well !!!

  • Thanks, and Happy Chinese New Year, Darren!

  • hi Darren

    i love the idea of giving a real bit of good luck to your friends i wish you a great new year and hope you get loads of red packets from others

    i saw a video clip of chineese peple releasing chineese laterns into the air containing there new years wishes
    enjoy your blog and real interesting posts
    happy new year
    from peter mcgrath

  • Hi Darren and Happy New Year to You!

    Thank you for the ang bao -what a wonderful gift!

    I really like your video. Simple, direct with effective tips. I appreciate your professional advice very much. You make sense.

    Have a great holiday.


  • Thanks for the great Article Darren. I’ll celebrate with Ang Bao too 🙂