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Darren Chow is a full time writer, web developer, and Internet marketer. He graduated from the National University of Singapore and started dabbling in web design while still studying. Today, he spends his time writing for established websites and promoting websites for clients.
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Before going into the details of the new video type, here is a quick update on our article submission service.

We have successfully added (a Page Rank 5 website) to our premium submissions.

The premium credits already include many high profile sites like Ezinearticles, ArticleAlley, AmericanChronicle, etc. So adding SearchWarp to our distribution list will provide you with additional exposure and give you more links.

Here are some sample articles:

New Video Production Type – Video Articles

A couple of months ago, we released the video production and distribution service. We will produce the video for you and distribute (upload) the video to high profile sites such as YouTube, Yahoo Video, Daily Motion, and more (there are in total 6 sites in the distribution list).

We are providing this service because our tests show that the videos can bring you additional traffic.

1) Direct search on video sites.

2) Your videos show up next to other related videos.

3) Videos get embedded and shared.

4) Videos are indexed and included in Google’s main search index.

One of our clients took up our bonus offer and created 4 videos. He is already raking up close to a thousand views from those 4 videos, and the videos will continue to provide exposure for this website.

The initial launch price to produce and upload the videos was $250. We’ve received feedback from our clients, expressing that although they’d like to use this service, the $250 price tag put the service out of their reach.

So here is the first piece of good news – We have decided to maintain the bonus pricing so that clients can enjoy the use of this service at $100 off the initial price.

In other words, you can get us to produce and upload videos for you at $150 per vid (with script writing) or $100 per vid (you provide script).

Realizing the potential to provide additional exposure using videos, we did additional testing on our own and converted an estimated 100+ of our articles to video articles.

We then uploaded these vids into Youtube alone and here are the stats:

We produced and uploaded close to 100 video articles and managed to rake up over 300+ videos within the space of 1 month.

Now that we have stopped uploading videos, we are STILL receiving video views on a daily basis.

You must be wondering, how did we manage to upload so many vids in such a short time frame?

First, take a look at this sample video:


To produce so many videos in such a short time, all we did was TRIM ALL THE FAT so that the bare essentials remain.

1) We include minimal texts. No fading texts.

2) We include our URL in the vid as a background for promotional purposes.

3) We use digital voiceovers.

4) We use the same audio file for both Start/End.

5) We use content that has already been completed – our own articles.

By doing this, we are able to work in a very efficient manner.

And we thought that if we are able to produce these videos in a cost effective manner, we will also be able to pass on these saving to our clients.

Hence, we have decided to launch a new video type, known as Article Videos.

So what are the features of Article Vids?

1) We upload to our own accounts, saving you registration time.

2) We promote your URL in the background of each video, for consistent branding.

3) We create the video based on an article that you send to us.

4) We include your URL in the video description. For some sites, like Youtube, this URL is clickable.

5) Create and upload video to 6 high profile video sites.

6) Vids can be downloaded and stored in your local hard drive.

7) Very competitive pricing – only $40 to create and upload one Article Video!

If $40 sounds like a viable price point for you, please do not hesitate to place your orders on the video production website.

If you have further questions, send me an email at support[at] or use this contact form.

Thanks for the support that you have given us in the past!