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Darren Chow is a full time writer, web developer, and Internet marketer. He graduated from the National University of Singapore and started dabbling in web design while still studying. Today, he spends his time writing for established websites and promoting websites for clients.
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Hi there,

Some time near the end of Nov/start of Dec, I launched several new websites and started to promote them. I started off using the traditional channels – article marketing, press releases and directory submissions.

Using these methods alone, some websites that I own have become authority sites now. Being an authority site means that your website is important from the perspective of the search engines. That also means that you can expect much higher search rankings (usually top 3 positions for exact keyword match) and more traffic – A LOT more traffic. As you know, the bulk of the traffic is delivered to the top 3 spots of the search results. It is not unusual to witness a boost of income by 100% or more when a site jumps from position 5 to the top spot.

Everyone is fighting for the top 3 spots…so how to get there, and stay there?

If you have read my SEO guide, you would have learned that you won’t get there simply by having a MASSIVE amount of links.

What the search engines want are natural links. More specifically, natural link building means:

1) Number of back links should grow steadily, over a period of time.

2) Anchor texts should not be all the same. There should be variations because human beings don’t link to other websites using the same anchor texts all the time.

3) Back links coming from relevant and other authority sites.

4) Presence of deep links. Back links pointing to internal pages, not just the homepage.

If you can continue to perform the above requirements consistently for 9 to 12 months, your site has a very good chance of becoming an authority site.

Of course, there are other requirements for building an authority site – but that is not the focus of this blog post.

In this blog post, I want to show you how I built up thousands of back links naturally.

Site 1: Music niche – Reg. 21st Nov. 2010

Number of back links according to Yahoo – 2,417

Site 2: Pets Niche – Reg. 19th Dec. 2010

Number of back links according to Yahoo – 1,086

Site 3: Automotive Niche – Reg. 5th Dec. 2010

Number of back links according to Yahoo – 3,278

So how did I manage to build up thousands of links within a few short months AND not get penalized by the search engines? The third site has already started making money and looks promising.

Besides the usual link building methods that I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, I experimented with another link building method – text link advertising.

Text link advertising is not new and has been around for ages, but I never really focused on it till now.

My tests over the past few months have confirmed that such advertising continues to be effective.

As the results look really promising, I have decided to develop a brand new service to offer this service to all my clients so that EVERYONE gets to enjoy the fruits.

In the next blog post, which will be released in the next few days (look out for my email), I’ll discuss a little more about the benefits of text link advertising and how the service works.

The new service that I’m developing is almost finished now (domain and coding all done, with a few minor tweaks). So you will get to enjoy this new service in the VERY NEAR future.

See you around on the next blog post.

Be sure to look out for it.