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Darren Chow is a full time writer, web developer, and Internet marketer. He graduated from the National University of Singapore and started dabbling in web design while still studying. Today, he spends his time writing for established websites and promoting websites for clients.
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Thanks for all the feedback that was given regarding this post (blog commenting feedback request).

As the feedback was favorable, I’ve decided to go ahead and develop the blog commenting service. The front end and back end has already been developed. And I’ve taken the time to perform some internal tests. Basically, I’ve used it to promote some of the sites that I own in various niches. And I’ve gotten some pretty interesting results.

But before going further, let’s take a moment to recap what the blog commenting service is all about.

  • The service is a manual commenting service.
  • For each order, we will post to 15 blogs based on selected keywords. Therefore, all URLs are different for every order.
  • Since all comments are posted by human commenters, the comments are intelligent and relevant.
  • After comments are posted, clients can login to their account to view the comments that had been posted, and they can also visit the exact blog URL to see where the comments have been posted.

And here are the test results. Note that we posted more than 15 comments when testing.

Test 1:

Niche: Shopping

Results: Approval Rate: 10 / 18 (55.56%)

Test 2:

Niche: Sports

Results: Approval Rate: 6 / 18 (33.33%)

Test 3:

Niche: Gambling

Results: Approval Rate: 2 / 14 (14.29%)

Test 4:

Niche: Gaming

Results: Approval Rate: 11 / 16 (68.75%)

Test 5:

Niche:Internet Marketing

Results: Approval Rate: 5 / 16 (31.25%)

Test 6:

Niche: Home Improvement

Results: Approval Rate: 4 / 16 (25.00%)

As you can see, the approval rates can range from a mere 14% to as high as 68%. We adopt the same policies when posting comments. There is no difference in the way we approach the commenting. The difference in the approval rate lies in the selection of URLs.

Here are is the approach that we have adopted. Perhaps you may find it useful.

  • Select URLs that are ranked on the first page of Google. Most of these sites have high page rank and are authority sites.
  • Post in blog entries with approved comments in them. This means that the blog owner is active and approves comments regularly.
  • The comment is either relevant to the blog post, or an attempt to join in the existing discussion.
  • Whenever possible, we choose URLs that have been posted recently. – Blogs have to be active to have a higher chance of approval!
  • Post in a more personalized style. This means that we actually read the post and the comments that are posted before writing our own comments.
  • Comments are no longer than 2 to 3 sentences.

When we adopt this approach, we find that the commenting is effective.

From our tests, we have acquired many links from blog entries with page rank 1 to 3, and many of these entries are from blogs with homepage page rank 3, 4 and 5.

So are we happy with the test results?

Sure we are 🙂

The reason why we post blog comments is that we want to have a chance to acquire some links in authority blogs that are relevant to our own sites. And we have achieved that goal.

But I believe this question is coming up soon, so I better address it now.

Q: Is there more value in the links when compared to other link building methods like article marketing?

Here’s my answer.

You use different methods for different reasons.

Article submission service – You get the most number of links with this method. If you are looking to increase the number of back links for your site in terms of sheer volume, use article marketing.

Press release distribution – You get instant exposure due to indexing by Google News. You also get all the benefits of article marketing. Also, you are allowed to promote yourself directly with a PR.

Blog posting service – Instead of general article directories, your links will come from relevant blogs. You can also promote your own sites directly, just like a press release. And instead of having links in the author resource box, you can have links directly embedded in the blog posts.

Blog commenting service – The chance to get links from high profile blogs!

From the above, you see that all the methods are different in some way. There is no best method. My recommendation is to do a bit of everything. That way, your links appear natural to the search engines and for those concerned about IPs (I’m not), you get links from a wide range of IP addresses.

Request for Testers

So far, all the testing has been done internally. I think it’s now ready to open the door to a few clients for more testing.

If you are willing to test drive this brand new service at a price of $30 per URL, send me an email.

I’ll then send the details over to you, and guide you along throughout the process. It’s a very simple process. You do it once, and you never forget.

To make sure that the testing is 100% risk free, if you get zero links approved in 3 weeks time, I’ll refund your money.

I look forward to promoting your sites for you.

Chat later!


5 Responses to Blog Commenting Services Test Results

  • Hi Darren,
    This is great news..I did a test like this of my own-it does take a bit of time but I believe it is useful to join the conversation as you say. I may be in touch regarding your offer as I do not have the time to do all of the commenting myself.
    Keep up the good work!

  • You mean we get $30 for participating in that testing or you charge this? Confused 🙂

  • @1UP SEO – My friend, we’re promoting your site. So we charge $30.

  • You don’t mention improvement in rankings at all. These links do you take into consideration things like no follow?

    You talk about pagerank, but if the links are no followed this is going to do you little good. Plus the link on their own would drive little to no traffic. Do you have any sign of ranking improvement? Or measures in place to ensure this link will help you?


  • Hi Edward,
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Much of your concerns have been addressed in this previous post.
    We tested “nofollow” links, and they are counted. You will see the links in Webmaster account.

    As for signs of ranking improvement, we tested blog commenting on completely new sites and they are ranking well in the search engines…even earning us some money with Adsense.

    So I’m convinced that blog commenting works because that is the only promotion method we adopt for those sites. (They are in the health niche)

    From our tests and observations, blog commenting does work.
    Of course, as mentioned in the earlier post, if you firmly believe that “nofollow” links doesn’t work, then this service is not for you.