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Darren Chow is a full time writer, web developer, and Internet marketer. He graduated from the National University of Singapore and started dabbling in web design while still studying. Today, he spends his time writing for established websites and promoting websites for clients.
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I’ve been working hard on upgrading the article submission service, and most of the changes are happening in the backend.

Even though the upgrades are invisible to the clients in the front-end, they all translate to some form of benefits for everyone.  More specifically, the upgrades will lead to some form of efficiency (which means faster article writing and submission) or improvements in service quality. You’ll see what I mean.

Upgrade #1: Writer’s dashboard.

All regular writers have a writer’s dashboard to work in now. The dashboard has a submission form that behaves very much like the client submission form. It checks for errors before the article is allowed to be submitted. Having the dashboard adds a more systematic process to article writing. All requests for articles are assigned to the writers in a systematic manner. Writers are then expected to meet the 24 hour turnaround time. This is why our clients have been experiencing a consistent turnaround time for their orders. Our writers are well trained and know exactly what to do.

Upgrade #2: Keyword stuffing check.

Some writers have the tendency to repeat the same keywords unconsciously. The search engines may see this as keyword stuffing and filter the article. We want to make sure that your articles rank well in the search engines. Hence, we have put in a check for repeated keywords. If the article contains keyword phrases with more than 2% density, the submission cannot go through. This little feature greatly improves the quality of the articles. No more worries about keyword stuffing.

Upgrade #3: Problem status article.

Sometimes, for D or P submissions (orders without article writing), clients submit articles that are substandard. Or there may be some issues that need to be fixed. We used to just email the clients about the issues and give suggestions on how to fix the issues. Articles remain in the PENDING status until issues are fixed.

However, this is less than ideal because sometimes clients don’t let us know when they have fixed the issues. So the articles remained in the PENDING queue for longer than necessary. To avoid this problem, we now create a new status for articles with issues  – the PROBLEM status.

Articles with issues will be labeled as problem articles. Clients can see all the problem articles in the dashboard. If they click on it, they will be able to see what caused the article to be placed in the PROBLEM category. Of course, clients will also receive an email regarding the problem articles.

Once the issues have been corrected, the articles will automatically join the approval queue again.

Video Marketing Update

I also want to take this opportunity to provide a quick update on the video production and uploading service. We have tested this service with a client, and smoothed out the clinks. The service is ready to go live now.

Here is more proof that the video marketing service works.

I created a video about long tail keyword research, and uploaded it to YouTube and other popular video sites.


It successfully appeared in the Google Search results on page 2.

But since I’m interested in getting more exposure, I wanted to know if the video will lead to more views. More views => more eyeballs => more traffic => more sales!

And I finally got the proof that I was looking for.

From the above screenshot, you see that the video is getting traffic from 3 primary sources:

1) Direct from YouTube search

2) Related videos (this can only mean targeted traffic)

3) Google search engine

I will continue to receive traffic for this video as long as people are searching for it, and the video continues to rank in YouTube and Google.

One time effort in exchange for a long term result – a worthy investment.

I’ve decided to extend the special pricing ($100) off the usual price for 1 more week, as we’re having so much fun with this new service that we’d like to work with more clients. After that, the price reverts back to normal.

So please email me if you have the intention of getting your videos out there.