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Darren Chow is a full time writer, web developer, and Internet marketer. He graduated from the National University of Singapore and started dabbling in web design while still studying. Today, he spends his time writing for established websites and promoting websites for clients.
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Article marketing is simple to understand. But for some, it can be painful to execute. Imagine having to spend hours each day writing articles, just to distribute to hundreds of article directories. The distribution process can be extremely tedious and tiring.

If you’re using some kind of software to distribute your articles, that means having to let the software run on its own (if it’s completely automatic), or sitting at your comp clicking away to complete the submission process. Frankly, I wouldn’t spend time doing such work manually. It has to be automatic for me.

I started out using article submission software to submit my articles, but I find that such software just isn’t good enough. For one, I don’t like the idea of leaving my computer on for hours, just to submit the articles. Secondly, the article directories always seem to get out of date! So time is wasted on a bunch of error web pages.

So why would anyone in the right frame of mind get into something as painful, or as tedious as article marketing?

The answer, is traffic. When you perform article marketing, you have only one goal in mind – to drive targeted traffic to your website. If you can’t automate this process, it just means that either you have to go through a lot of pain, or you simply give up and find something else.

But I like to think that if article marketing is challenging, there has to be more value in it. I’ll see if I can help you understand why later on. Let’s get back to the subject of traffic.

When you distribute articles, you are expecting traffic to come from 2 sources:

1) Directly from your articles


2) From the search engines

Direct traffic from the articles.

Each article you submit, you are allowed to include 2 to 3 links back to your website. If an article title catches the eye of a reader, and he goes on to read your article, then clicks on a link to visit your website, you can be sure that the level of interest is very high. One such visitor is a hundred times better than one hundred non-targeted visitor. Why? Simply because a targeted visitor is more likely to seriously check out what you have to offer. If you are selling some product or services, he may end up buying something from you. Or if you offer information, he may end up clicking on an ad, and you earn a commission. Either way, you get some kind of response from him. That is a good sign.

Just yesterday, I received an email from Ezinearticles (the most popular article directory on the Internet) claiming that they received a total of 5.1 million clicks in January. In fact, it’s a new milestone for them.


Bear in mind that’s 5.1 million clicks to member websites in a single month. What do you think they are seeing in their Adsense account? For sure, the numbers are staggering.

From just a small handful of customers, the articles that we submitted managed to rake in 10,000+ views, with over 1,000+ clicks. That’s just from 168 articles, submitted over a period of 2 months. Let me show you.


5.1 million clicks in a month – how much of that goes to you? I really hope that you’re doing something to get a piece of the action. You can write and submit the articles yourself, or if you’re too busy, you can hire us to distribute articles for you (super strong hint).

The greatest benefit of article marketing is that once you submit the articles, the traffic streams in steadily. Even if I do nothing to my Ezinearticles account right now, the clicks will continue to climb. If I want more traffic, I simply submit more articles.

From our tiny account, we did 1k+ clicks in 2 months. If you go to Ezinearticles and check out the top authors, you will quickly learn that some of them have over 10k articles in their account.

Top 10 authors at Ezinearticles


How many clicks do you imagine they are getting? 🙂

I hope that is enough to whet your appetite a little bit.

As a marketer, you have to adopt an aggressive approach, like what some of these guys are doing. Check out some of the articles submitted by this guy: Sean Mize

I want to draw your attention to this guy because not only is he getting tons of traffic from his articles, he has also successfully monetized his traffic.

Today, he is proud to claim that he is making over $180k+ on his internet marketing coaching home page. If you ever want to learn all about how to drive traffic using article marketing, and how to convert that traffic, he is the guy you want to listen to.

Why am I promoting him?

For 2 reasons:

One, he is a customer of mine (ta-da!), so I want to shine the torch his way a little. He has also referred some really good clients to me, for which I am most grateful.

But more importantly, Sean is someone who knows what he is doing. I can vouch for him because I have personally downloaded some of his stuff, and they are all down-to-earth materials. Not overly hyped, and definitely not much fluff. You can get a good feel of that the moment you hit his homepage. Don’t take my word for it. Join the list, listen to what he has to say, and judge for yourself.

If you still don’t feel comfortable, you can always unsubscribe. I don’t think Sean will mind the least bit. You see, besides the traffic that he is getting from all the articles, I bet he is getting a fair amount of traffic from the search engines too.

Will the traffic from search engines be more than the direct traffic?

Well, that depends.

Getting traffic from the search engines.

Getting traffic from the search engines depends on the keywords that you are targeting. I talked a little bit about keyword research earlier this year, so you may wish to check out the article for a quick recap.

The essence of the article is that if you want more traffic from the search engines, you will have to target keywords with proven search volume. The more popular the keyword, the more traffic you will get. Of course, most popular keywords are harder to rank because of competition. If you can find a keyword that is easy to rank, and the competition isn’t hard to beat, you may be sitting on a goldmine.

Keyword targeting is easy. When submitting your articles, be sure to use them as your anchor texts.

For example,

[linkcode]Anchor Text[close linkcode]

Use 2 or 3 words in your target keyword phrase. There is no need to use something like “Click here to check out the best article marketing blog.” Just a simple “article marketing blog” will do.

But in the course of my daily work, I still see people linking like this:

[linkcode]Click Here[close linkcode] OR

[linkcode][close linkcode]

When you do this, what do you rank for?

You may eventually rank for “click here” or “”, which won’t bring you much traffic. Even if they do bring you traffic, it’s going to be untargeted traffic.

Article marketing is a time tested method. If you do it right, there is no way you can’t get traffic to your website. It takes some effort and patience in the beginning but is it worth it? More importantly, does it PAY to be patient? Go ask Sean. I’m sure he’ll be able to answer that question for you 🙂

Whatever you are doing online this year, be sure to take full advantage of the opportunities online. 5.1 million clicks and six figure incomes – that should be enough to get anyone excited.

2 Responses to Article Distribution – Where Your Traffic is Coming From

  • Darren,

    Thanks for the comments – I really appreciate that! I can tell you this, I really value your service, as it helps significantly with inbound links. And I appreciate the speed with which each article gets distributed. Using your service has really allowed me to ramp up my link building.

    Thanks again,


  • Good post, I’ll order some more distributions soon 🙂